The true story of Salvatore Giuliano

The Deception

It is evident that the crime was anomalous. In big contrast with the ideals of a man who had fought with and for his people. This terrible crime of which he was not responsible, was attributed to him, not withstanding his protestations. For almost half century the responsibility for the crime was put down to Giuliano and his followers. Recently, through analysis of the ballistics records, the eyewitness accounts, the necroscopic records, it has been discovered that the bullets that the 11 victims received were shot from below, with calibre 9 Thompson beretta pistols, that neither Giuliano nor his men had in their possession. Before the elections of the 18th April 1948, Salvatore Giuliano was contacted by different politicians of differing persuasions. Giuliano's ideals would have led him to support the left wing parties. But he decided to support the DC's members when the left parties, after Portella delle Ginestre, declared to want his death. The DC's members promised him an amnesty for his followers. There was a tight collaboration and in 1948 the DC got the absolute majority. But the politicians had their armchairs to which they aspired and, instead of keeping to their commitments, advised him to surrender or to emigrate.