The true story of Salvatore Giuliano

The Partisan

All Sicilian people had known of his enterprises. Members of the Independent Movement(M.I.S.), which he had joined from April 1943, were looking for him.

In February 1944, he set 8 of Montelepre's inhabitants free that were prisoners in Monreale's prison. With them he formed the first guerrilla's group. On the 15th of May 1945 he was made a colonel and was in command of the Sicilians partisans brigades of west Sicily called the "Independent voluntary army of Sicily" (E.V.I.S.), From the end of 1945 he started the Sicilian war against Italy. He committed a succession of attacks to barracks, and he fought several battles in official form with uniformed soldiers and flags. (the most famous were the Monte D'oro - Calcerame and Monte Cuccio battles).