The true story of Salvatore Giuliano

Portella Delle Ginestre

But Li Causi didn't keep his promise. The candidate was not elected and this situation provoked Giuliano's resentment. He wanted to denounce Li Causi's lies in front of all during the celebrations on the 1st of May 1947 in Portella della Ginestra. The action plan foresaw shooting in the air to capture the orator and then to judge him. But he couldn't foresee that among his men someone was a policeman or a member of the Mafia. The inspector Messana was informed by his informer Salvatore Ferreri and so he told Li Causi not to go to Portella. Giuseppe Passatempo, in order to charge Giuliano, worked together, with members of the Mafia. They hid a few meters from the people and shot on the crowd, killing 11 persons and wounding 27.