The true story of Salvatore Giuliano

The Republic

The referendum to chose between republic or monarchy, took place on the 2nd of June 1946. The Republic won. Umberto II was no longer the King of Italy. On the 22nd June 1946, Palmiro Togliatti, minister of grace and justice had got approved a decree about amnesty and indult to erase military, political and common crimes.

Almost all men, who had combated for the E.V.I.S. came back home. But the Marshall Giuseppe Calandra of Montelepre station denounced for common crimes all of Giuliano's followers. Of course, he couldn't arrest them because they went back up into the mountains. Before the elections, on the 20th April 1947 Salvatore Giuliano, who supported Antonio Varvaro, candidate of the M.I.S. democratic republican, stipulated concordances with Girolamo Li Causi, exponent of the P.C.I.