The true story of Salvatore Giuliano

The Treason

The encounters, some violent, caused several deaths and wounded among the thousands of men that the government sent against him. Then, they realised that to defeat him it was necessary to get rid of the people near him. To obtain this the State came to terms with the Mafia. In exchange for impunity, in a little time some of Giuliano's more trustworthy men were captured or killed. The State had recourse to Gaspare Pisciotta and Nunzio Badalamenti's betrayal for liquidating him. Nunzio Badalamenti (arrested formally) murdered him in his sleep at a farmhouse called "Villa Carolina" situated between Pioppo and Monreale. In the morning of the 5th of July 1950, his body was carried to Castelvetrano, where an armed conflict was simulated with the carabinieri, who claimed the merit for having killed him. Salvatore Giuliano was only 27 years old.